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The course of study and syllabi for various degrees of the university shall be submitted by the respective board of studies/Board of faculties to the academic council and the syndicate for approval.Such courses and syllabi shall beome effective from the date of approval by the syndicate or such other date as the syndicate may determine.

BOT-301 Principles of Biochemistry BOT-302 Cell Biology
BOT-303 General Genetics BOT-306 Molecular Biology
BOT-312 Biostatistics and computation BOT-366 Cryptogamic Botany
BOT-367 Introduction to Evolution BOT-368 Origin & Diversity of Green Plants
BOT-369 Plant Physiology BOT-370 Plant Ecology
BOT-371 Plant Taxonomy BOT-372 Plant Anatomy
BOT-373 Economic Botany BOT-404 Enzymology
BOT-409 Principles of Gene Manipulation BOT-410 Research Techniques & Instrumentation
BOT-411 Nucleic Acids BOT-415 Cell Organelles
BOT-417 Plant Biochemistry BOT-421 Radiobiology
BOT-422 Plant Tissue and Cell culture BOT-423 Toxicology
BOT-475 Plant Biosystematics BOT-476 Taxonomy of Aromatic & Poisonous Plants
BOT-477 Cytogenetics BOT-478 Environmental Biology
BOT-479 Introduction to Remote Sensing (RS) and GIS BOT-480 Biological Nitrogen Fixation
BOT-481 Ultrastructural Cytology

BOT-500 Seminar BOT-501 Advances in Molecular Biology
BOT-502 Advances in Molecular Genetics BOT-504 Bioethics
BOT-505 Bioinformatics BOT-512 Metabolic Pathways in Plants
BOT-516 Research Plan & rep Writing BOT-517 Molecular Evoluation
BOT-519 Molecular Plant Breeding BOT-525 Advances in Cell Biology
BOT-530 Recombinant DNA Technology BOT-532 Environmental Biotechnology
BOT-533 Techniques in Biotechnology BOT-535 Advances in Plant Physiology
BOT-536 Medicinal Plants BOT-544 Population Genetics
BOT-551 Advances in Plant Taxonomy BOT-552 Advances in RS & GIS
BOT-553 Applied Ethnobot & Conser BOT-554 Biodiversity and conservation
BOT-555 Biology of Halophytes BOT-556 Ecological Chemistry
BOT-557 Ecotoxicology BOT-558 Edaphology
BOT-559 Environmental Bioremediation BOT-560 Environmental Pol & its imp
BOT-561 Gymnosperms of Pakistan BOT-562 Mineral Nutrition of Plants
BOT-563 Molecular Systematics BOT-564 New concepts in flow Plant Tax
BOT-565 Palynology BOT-566 Phycology
BOT-567 Phytochemistry BOT-568 Phtogeography
BOT-569 Phytohormone & Pl Grow & Devel BOT-570 Plant Evolutionary Genetics
BOT-571 Plant Microbe Interaction BOT-572 Plant Morphogensis
BOT-573 Plant Pathology BOT-699 Mphil Research
BOT-899 PhD Dissertation

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